Hawkes set to swoop on spring riches in two states with rising stable stars

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Family ties: John, Michael and Wayne Hawkes at the Randwick yearling sales. Photo: James BrickwoodHawkes Racing has built one of the strongest brands in the sport with planning and efficiency. Michael Hawkes, who shares the training duties with brother Wayne and Hall Of Fame father John, says what the stable has heading into spring is a backbone.

“It is those older horses that give the stable it’s backbone,” Hawkes said. “They are there carnival after carnival and that comes from planning. Our way is to develope our horses. We don’t rush. We want longevity in the stable, horses that race in the autumn and then in the spring and that is what we have tried to develop.

“It is not about the next race often, it about the next preparation and one after that. We have owners who understand patience will bring rewards, and that is part of the success.”

The stable has bases in Sydney and Melbourne overseen by Michael and Wayne respectively, but there is one boss and that is John.

“Wayne and I are just happy that dad is letting us train with him,” Hawkes said. “We are a team but dad is the leader. We enjoy all our successes together because we all work together on them.”

The Hawkes model allows horses time, but it still has the ability to let a Golden Slipper winner come through, such as Mossfun.

“She stood up and did it, and it hurt us when she got that virus and had to go for a break because she is our only group 1 winner. Our only true star,” Hawkes said. “The others we have still have to get to that level.”

But going into the spring there are possibilities for several horses, including Messene and La Amistad, which are knocking on the door of group 1 racing, but winning does not come easy.

“There are a lot of very good horses around and only a certain number of them win group 1s,” Hawkes said. “It is the ultimate and you have to keep that in mind – it is the very top level. I could easily run off half a dozen horses that we have good hopes for, and I think everyone knows who they are, but until they do it, well it is just potential.

“We draw up programs for them, like Messene, to get them to races months and months in advance. In Messene’s case it worked well and even though he didn’t win the Doncaster, it was his best run and we still have a horse that is improving.”

Hawkes Racing’s patience is shown in its runners on Saturday, London Lolly resumes in the Quezette Stakes at Caulfield after not not being pressed one run too far as a two-year-old. She won the Breeders Stakes, a week out from the Golden Slipper, beating subsequent Champagne Stakes winner Go Indy Go, and also has a black-type decision over Slipper placegetter Bring Me The Maid.

However, the Hawkes camp resisted the urge to run in the often gut-busting Slipper

“It is not always about the biggest race, it is about having a filly for next time,” Hawkes said. “She started in Sydney and I really liked her, but she benefitted from going to Melbourne and has great form when you look at it now.

“She is first-up and it is a starting point, but I know Wayne is happy with her going into this race but there is a lot more in front of her.”

Hawkes will oversee a team at Rosehill that has strong formlines, including Entirely Platinum (sixth) and Traitor (fourth), while youngsters Bugatty and Nostradamus look for black-type success in the San Domenico Stakes.

“They are both nice three-year-olds that have trialled well,” Hawkes said of his San Domenico runners. “Bugatty won a trial since failing on a wet track in Melbourne, which we now know he doesn’t like. He will jump and run, whereas Nostradamus is more laid-back. He just does what has to do and he did that at Hawkesbury [winning] a trial on Monday.

“They get their chance to run in these races and they are good enough to be there.”

Five-year-old Entirely Platinum could be the perfect example of the Hawkes philosophy after winning three of his four starts in the autumn, including the Sky High Stakes, he finished his campaign with a fourth in the Neville Sellwood Stakes.

“There is time with him because he is a Pentire that is still maturing and getting better,” Hawkes said. “We might not see his best until the autumn but he is a very good horse and there might be a race for him in the spring.

“He has come back stronger and I think he will run good race on Saturday, but he will get better as the races get longer.”

And there is four-year-old Traitor, which went from a maiden win to group 2 success in four runs in the autumn.

“That was a big step up but we still have a horse that is improving and he could be another horse to step up in the spring,” Hawkes said. “We have a team like that. It gives us a backbone that makes spring exciting and keeps the the stable going.”

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Robin Williams hit golf out of bounds with humour

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Illustration: Jim PavlidisIn a New York show in 2002, the suddenly late Robin Williams famously deconstructed golf. Here is a flavour; you will have to imagine the rat-a-tat delivery.

“Here’s my idea for a f—— sport. I knock the ball in a gopher hole. Like pool? F— pool! Not with a straight stick, with a little f—ed up stick. You mean like croquet? F— croquet! I put the hole hundreds of yards away. Oh, like a bowling thing? F— no! Not straight. I put shit in the way, like trees and bushes and high grass, so you can lose your f— ball, and go hacking away with a tyre iron, whacking away, and each time you miss you feel like you’ll have a stroke. F—! That’s what we’ll call it. A stroke, because each time you miss, you feel like you’re gonna f—— die.

“Right near the end, I’ll put a little flat piece, with a little flag to give you f—— hope. But then I’ll put a little pool and a sand box, to f— with your ball again. And you do this one time? F— no! Eighteen f—— times!

Williams sends up the dress code: “You dress like a pimp and no one will care, even a gay blind man would go: ‘Oh, dear Christ’.” The athleticism: “Whack the ball, get in the car, whack the ball, get in the car.” The commentary: “Could people be quiet? I’d like to hear the grass grow. I’d like the guy who does Mexican soccer to do golf one time. ‘Hooooooole!’ “

As a master comedian, Williams could offend anyone and the thing he liked and somehow not scandalise. In this show alone, he profaned race, religion, politics, sex, drugs and sport, without sparing an expletive and all within a genitally imaginative framework. Yet when Williams died this week, two of the millions who tweeted condolences were Rory McIlroy, golf’s newest superstar, and Gary Player, one of its oldest. Golf’s governing body, the R&A, is still working on its tribute.

‎Williams’ passing was unspeakably sad. In a different way, so was the progress of the Essendon supplements scandal to the Federal court. From the affidavits, this line in a text message from James Hird to football manager Danny Corcoran leapt out: “Just need to make sure we are doing everything we can within the rules. As the other clubs are a long way ahead of Reidy [Dr Bruce Reid] and us.”

If it is true that other clubs were ahead, it is sad. If it is not, it is even sadder, since it underscores the paranoid competitive culture at the heart of this wretched business. Don’t forget that it was because someone at Carlton in 2012 suspected that Essendon was a long way ahead of other clubs that questions began to be asked, and the grim story began to unravel, and now a lot of people are offended and anxious and sore and angry and suspicious and shaken and at least collaterally damaged, and still no one can say where it will all end.

Sport, however professional, is not meant to be this. It is a construct, an outlet, a release, its absurdity wonderfully encapsulated once by cartoonist Michael Leunig, remembering his teenage self in a school match. “I had possession of the ball in front of an open goal, but in a moment of inspiration refused to kick the all-too-easy score and ran off across the paddocks with the ball still firmly in my clutches and laughing wickedly all the way.”

Leunig went into self-imposed lifelong exile from the game that day. But it is possible to laugh at and with Leunig’s gesture and still love sport in all its glorious and spellbinding irrationality. I do.

Humour helps to create perspective, so dangerously lacking in modern sport.

From the same show in 2002, Williams discussing soccer said: “A little bit passive aggressive … ‘I didn’t do anything … what are you looking at?'” On Lance Armstrong’s success: “Okay, he has one testicle. He’s aerodynamic. Everyone, cut your balls off. You’ll be quicker.”

On the Utah Winter Olympics that year: “There’s one very special lift, where the male skater goes … where even a gynaecologist would go: ‘Put a glove on, man’.” On marijuana’s performance-enhancing qualities: “The only way it’s a performance-enhancing drug is if there’s a big f—— Hershey bar at the end of the run.” On a Canadian snowboarder disqualified for marijuana use anyway: “They asked for his medal back and he couldn’t find it. It was around his f—— neck.”

On boxing: “People were saying, ‘I go to boxing to watch the sport of boxing’, like saying, ‘I go to stock car races to see people take left turns all day’.”

On security: “They take the knitting needles from the 80-year-old lady. ‘Why? Cause I’m going to knit an Afghan?’ And this: “They’re patting down a five-year-old boy, and he’s going, ‘What are you doing? You’re not a priest. Let go of me’.”

And on privilege: ”Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, some get it as a graduation gift.”

Sport is not life and death. But even for a funny man, life is.

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Man dies in fiery crash after car veered into shed in Leopold

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Police are investigating a fiery crash on the Bellarine Peninsula after a man careened down a driveway and into a shed.

The driver and a woman from Melbourne were in Leopold about 1.10pm on Friday when they stopped their car on Portarlington Road to exchange drivers.

Police said that before the woman could get into the driver’s seat, the man drove down a private driveway and crashed into a shed. He died at the scene.

The woman suffered minor injuries when she tried to help the man. Police are investigating whether a medical condition may have contributed to the crash and a report will be prepared for the coroner.

Earlier on Friday, police were called to another fatal car accident in central Victoria.

A motorcycle rider travelling west on Baringhup Road collided head-on with a four-wheel-drive vehicle about 11.25am at Baringhup West, police said. The motorcyclist died at the scene.

An 84-year-old Narrawong man, who was driving the four-wheel drive, was not injured and is assisting police.

Major Collision Investigation Group detectives are investigating and wish to speak to anyone who witnessed the crash or saw a white Toyota Prado driving in the Carisbrook/Maryborough area.

Anybody with information about either accident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or  via crimestoppersvic老域名出售.au.

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Bendigo mosque permit condition may be unconstitutional, says judge

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A planning permit condition that bans any political discussion on the site earmarked for Bendigo’s controversial first mosque may raise constitutional law issues, a Supreme Court judge has said.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal President Justice Greg Garde made the remark as lawyers for the Australian Islamic Mission told the tribunal they would seek changes to the existing permit for a $3 million mosque on the outskirts of Bendigo.

Representing AIM, Chris Townshend, SC, told the tribunal his client would file a new VCAT application seeking to “tidy-up” some conditions of the permit, including altering a requirement of “no political discussion” on the site, by Monday.

Justice Garde scheduled a directions hearing to deal with the new action in relation to the Bendigo mosque, which in its existing form is already battling objections through VCAT. He also said there could be a constitutional issue  over the attempt to ban political discussion. “The High Court may have some views on that,” Justice Garde said.

City of Greater Bendigo director planning and development Prue Mansfield told Fairfax Media the condition was placed on the permit by the city’s councillors as a last-minute addition to address some community concerns. “It was added by councillors at the 11th hour,” she said.

Constitutional law expert, professor Cheryl Saunders AO, said that although there was an implied freedom of communication in Australia, it had some limitations.

“There is an implied freedom of political communication in the Commonwealth constitution, but it is not an absolute freedom,” she said. “If the matter were to come before the court, any limitation must be appropriate and adapted to a legitimate purpose within the confines of the Australian constitution.”

On Friday VCAT heard other permit amendments which would be sought by AIM include changes to the mosque’s open hours from a blanket time to “before sunrise” in line with muslim prayer requirements.

Justice Garde queried whether AIM would also seek amendments to the acoustic provisions on the permit, in relation to the call to prayer.

But Mr Townshend said that would not be required because: “the calls to prayer is now in the custody of mobile phone technology in that one gets a text”.

There are “hundreds” of smartphone applications that now perform the traditionally noisy process of the call to the prayer, Australian Islamic Mission secretary Dr Seyed Sheriffdeen said. “When you set the application where you are, it then alerts you when to pray.”

Bendigo council drew heated opposition from locals and interstate anti-Islam lobby groups when it approved a permit application for the Bendigo mosque in June.

A cluster of unassociated groups challenged the council’s decision through VCAT but now only one group made up of locals concerned with how a large development would affect the area remains.

Last month Monika Evers, who was an administrator for the Stop the Mosque Bendigo Facebook page, withdrew her VCAT challenge after failing to have her identity suppressed, saying she had been vilified and feared for her life. A man who lives next to the mosque site, Peter Vanderfenn, also officially withdrew his on Friday after receiving information about a traffic concern he had against the development.

The remaining group of 16 objectors, represented by Bendigo woman Julie Hoskin, had all but seven of their grounds of objection struck out by Justice Garde on Friday because they were not strictly planning issues. Their remaining grounds centre on issues related to traffic, parking and other social impacts on the area.

Justice Garde listed the matter for another directions hearing on November 15 and the hearing is expected to take place over three days in the first week of December.

Dr Sheriffdeen said any conditions imposed on the mosque development should be consistent with what would be imposed on any other place of worship in Australia.

“If they’re building a church, would the regulatory body put a condition that you can’t talk about politics?” Dr Sheriffdeen said. “This is exactly what we want, whatever the rule that they would apply we would expect for us.”

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The Age Stage: Vaudeville Smash

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Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday this month, The Age tablet app features performances by some of Melbourne’s best bands, recorded live at the Toff in Town.

Ever since Vaudeville Smash played their first gig at Fitzroy’s Bar Open in September 2009, you knew they were something special. Made up of three brothers and two mates, no other Australian band sounds like ’em. In case you’re wondering, they took their name from an Italian children’s karaoke machine that was around in the late ’80s, and they list their influences as Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis and the News, Todd Rundgren, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Prince. This band is all about entertainment.

Vaudeville Smash have sold out the Corner Hotel, played at the Australian Open and being awarded the Most Popular New Band at the St Kilda Festival. 2013 was an astonishing year for the Melbourne group; Named by Inpress as one of the “Top 13 Bands To Watch in 2013”, the band kicked off the year in spectacular style, returning to Austin TX for South By South West to play seven shows before heading to Toronto for a further three performances for Canadian Music Week and a last stop in New York for two shows at NYC venue the Bitter End.

The band released their debut album Dancing for the Girl in early May before heading off to Singapore where they performed at Music Matters Live. With the band’s return to home shores, they kicked off a string of album launch shows then set off again for five dates in Japan, including the Sapporo Jazz Festival and club shows in Tokyo.


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Cootamundra cricketers keen for summer

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DEFENDING CHAMPIONS: Secretary and treasurer of the Cootamundra District Cricket, Pat Kerin, with awards won by Cootamundra cricket teams last year. The Stribley Shield, the Country Plate and the FIFE Shield are on display at the Cootamundra Ex-Servicemans Club.PAT Kerin, the secretary and treasurer of the Cootamundra District Cricket Association (CDCA), says Cootamundra’s representative cricket team is set for another busy season.

“As defending premiers of the Country Plate and Stribley Shield our representative team will be hoping for another successful season,” Mr Kerin said.

“The team is also looking forward to competing for the O’Farrell Cup.”

Last season four teams including Cootamundra contested the newly formed South West Fuel Cup competition conducted jointly with Temora while five teams contested the Sparre Cup competition.

“It’s hoped that these team numbers remain static,” Mr Kerin said.

Country Club who won both the South West Fuel Cup and the Sparre Cup last season, has confirmed they will field a team in both competitions while the makeup of the remainder of the teams will be made known in early September when nominations close.

Mr Kerin says a number of developments have unfolded in the offseason which will impact local cricketers in the upcoming season.

“Sadly, after two successful seasons, the Central Hotel Bears have folded,” he said.

The Bears won the Merrin Cup in their first season 2012/13 and last season were runners up to Country Club in the South West Fuel Cup.

Should Cootamundra make it through to the semi-finals of the Country Plate, the final series will be held in Tamworth after Christmas.

This season McDonalds will sponsor a number of Australian cricket carnivals, including the Country Plate; so the competition will now be called the McDonalds Country Plate.

Mr Kerin says the CDCA will be using MyCricket for the first time this season.

It’s an online program that helps cricketing communities manage administration, players, and statistics on a centralised database.

“By using the program, teams will make significant savings on insurance and players will be able to monitor their team’s performances as well as individual stats.”

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Jail for Bendigo burglary spree

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A DRUG-ADDICT who led police on a chase through central Bendigo duringa month-long burglary and car-theft spree has been jailed for more than two years.

Shaun Campbell, 26, pleaded guilty in Bendigo Magistrates Court on Friday to 19 charges including eight counts of burglary, three car thefts, speeding and arson.

The Kangaroo Flat manstole almost $20,000 worth of items including cash, electronics and cars during acrime spreein March this year.

Motacare Auto Service Centre, BGs Pools & Spa, a storage facility in East Bendigo and the Strathfieldsaye Post Office were among the businesses targeted.

Police found one of threestolen cars was found burned out in Keanes Rd,Long Gully.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Chris Jones told the Campbell also led officers on a six minute pursuit through central Bendigo in the early hours of March 15.

He said police were doing routine checks in Hargreaves St when they saw Campbell standing near a car parked opposite the Old Crown Hotel.

Campbell then jumped into the car and sped off, running a red light at the intersection of High and Williamson Streets and continuing to Diamond Hill Road in Kangaroo Flat where police terminated the pursuit.

The court heard the offending breached a suspended sentence and community corrections order.

Defence lawyer Megan Aumuir told the court her client had been doing well for several months after being released from jail after a three-month stint inside, but had fallen back into a “ferocious” drug addiction.

She said the father-of-twohad been acting on others’ instructions, but was resigned to the knowledge he’d be going back to jail.

But she urged the court to impose a parole period to allow her client to reintegrate into society when released.

Magistrate Bruce Cottrill said Campbell’s offending was callous and showed no regard for other people’s property.

He said itwasalso similar to the dozens of charges for which he had received a community corrections order and suspended sentence.

Mr Cottrill jailed Campbell for 18 months, reinstated four months of the suspended sentence and resentenced him to four months jail for breaching the corrections order.

Campbell will spend 16 months in jail before being eligible for parole.

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Organisers have a ‘Great Gatsby’ ball with Fairfax donation

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ON BOARD: Central Western Daily advertising manager Rochelle Monaghan and Ronald McDonald House committee members Nicole Pasquali, Rebecca Walsh and Kylie Lewis get into character for the Great Gatsby Ball with this 1928 Chrysler soft top. Photo: STEVE GOSCH 0815gatsbyRONALD McDonald House Orange will benefit from $10,000 sponsorship from Fairfax Media and the Central Western Daily for The Great Gatsby fundraising ball on September 6.

Central Western Daily managing editor Tony Rhead said in making the donation the Fairfax organisation and the CWD recognised the importance of the house to central west families.

“We are very pleased that with this donation and the additional in-kind support of up to $5000 this year, we have become a Diamond sponsor, as we see this as valuable community project in which to become involved,” he said.

Ronald McDonald House Orange events committee chair Kylie Lewis was thrilled with the donation.

“This donation will help make our ball a success and will be directed into different aspects of the night,” she said.

Ms Lewis said $41,000 was raised last year, however, it was hoped a record amount would be raised at this year’s ball, just eight weeks before the doors of the long-awaited facility are opened.

Ronald McDonald House Orange is being built on the Bloomfield site and is unique in Australia, as it willprovide accommodation for young people with a mental illness and their families.

The house will incorporate an expansive kitchen and open living area, as well as private units.

Large interior and exterior playgrounds are also part of the design

Ms Lewis said the community had really embraced the fundraising ball this year.

“It has sold quicker than any other year and we only have about 40 tickets left,” she said.

Tickets are available from WIN television in Orange.

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Westpac Lifesaver team to the rescue on busy Friday

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UPDATE: Lifesaver 1 has located person holding onto kayak, north of Botany Bay. Still conscious. Crew about to conduct winch rescue.

— Westpac Life Saver (@Lifesaverhelo) August 15, 2014Five people were rescued after a boat overturned near Bare Island, La Perouse about 4.30pm on Friday. Westpac Life Saver service reported, that with the help of the Randwick Lifeguard Jetski,at 4.45pm‘‘all five persons have now been rescued and all are safe and well.’’

That rescue followed reports an hour earlier that the Lifesaver helicopter team had seen a person holding onto a capsized kayak, north of Botany Bay and also rescued a fisherman washed off cliffs at Cape Banks, Botany Bay about 2pm.

UPDATE: Male has been rescued and is being assessed by crew and @NSWAmbulance paramedics – treating for hypothermia. pic.twitter老域名出售/tK75mdSe1h

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Roos head to Caltex Park as Wombats withdraw

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Peter Nau will lead the Roos out at Caltex Park for the first time today. Photo: Louise DongesFOR the first time in Dubbo Kangaroos’ Blowes Clothing Cup history the side will move away from its spiritual home at No. 1 Oval for the match with the Mudgee Wombats today.

The Wombats informed the Roos yesterday morning they wouldn’t be able to field a colts and second grade side so with only one match scheduled the decision was made by local council and the competition leaders to move to Caltex Park and change the kick-off time to 2.45pm.

“The only reason is council are mindful of ruining the cricket pitch and the oval and we’re a chance of hosting the major semi-final there in two weeks,” Roos president Graeme Board said.

“Council were generous enough to offer us the use of Caltex and with just one game we thought we’d move and save tearing it up.”

The Roos have played plenty of trials and other matches at Caltex Park in the past but this is the first time the club has played a competitive fixture at the ground.

Board said with just one match the facilities at Caltex Park would also make the setting up before the game and packing up afterwards a lot easier.

The club was disappointed Mudgee had to forfeit in two of the three grades but the benefit for Dubbo is the Roos are now certain of finishing the regular season in third in the colts while the second grade side looks certain to finish fourth.

Roos captain Peter Nau and his side will start today’s match as huge favourites against a Wombats side which has only won twice this year and Board admitted it would be a special day for the club if they were to claim the minor premiership this afternoon.

“I’ll be very happy if we get the minor premiership and the major semi-final at home but there’s still plenty of work to do,” he said.

“It’s the first goal and it’s very achievable but we want to secure that major semi and keep working, our goals are all getting closer.”

The match will begin half an-hour earlier than the originally planned 3.15pm kick-off.

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