No change at the top

On the Pulse was left feeling the pain for Anthony Michael this week. You see, Anthony was supposed to be the former president of the Inverell Chamber Of Commerce by now.

It was his plan to step aside as president at the chamber’s AGM and give someone else a run at the job. No doubt Anthony had his sunscreen ready and his tickets booked, but the best laid schemes of mice and men, as they say.

On the Pulse can only imagine Anthony’s anticipation during the AGM.

After all, someone could put their hand up on the night.

One would think perhaps there might have been a feeling of sadness, with just a little sigh of relief. However, what transpired may have been worst than a federal ban on imported leather for him.

No one was nominated for the president’s position!

Nominations were called from the floor, still no one.

So guess who the current president of the Inverell Chamber Of Commerce is?

You got it, good, old, reliable Anthony Michael.

And why has that happened? The answer is simple really, Anthony was prepared to fill the position rather than see the chamber without a president. Now that’s dedication.

In the meantime, On the Pulse suggests the position could be filled by a Work for the Dole participant should Anthony want to step aside. It would surely be more worthwhile for the jobseeker than simply standing around waiting for equipment.

Driving along

On the Pulse Team came into work yesterday morning very chuffed, knowing that they are in the mile-high club.

Well, they must be since they drove for 45 minutes.

On the way in, they passed many drivers, all rolling along like the road was paved with gold.

Considering we live in a regional community, it didn’t take long for us to feel much better about our own state of affairs up here in Inverell after Treasurer Joe Hockey’s comments on Thursday. Mr Hockey insisted that his numbers were right when he said that poor people just don’t drive cars.

Well, OTP wouldn’t say we’re poor, personally (touch wood) but it begs the question – just how wealthy are all these rural folks, hit by the drought, living without a wage for months or years at a time, battling deficit on the farm to make a life for their families?

Maybe they are stealthy billionaires?

What about the people who can’t afford to live in town because prices are too high or housing isn’t available, are struggling to find work in a regional town and rely on a vehicle to get them to a job, kid to school?

Swiss bank accounts? Interesting.

At the end of the day, OTP felt much better about the fact the Treasurer seemed so certain we were doing much better than we thought we were when we had to budget to buy school uniforms, cut corners to pay some medical bills or do without so could pay our electricity bill. Or maybe we should just catch the bus. When does the next one go out to Graman anyhow?

On the road again

On the Pulse has to congratulate the Member for New England Barnaby Joyce (BJ) for his foray into cycling and the wonderful world of lycra, through his participation in the Pollie Pedal.

Wasn’t it fantastic to see the Prime Minister hurry home from overseas when he found out BJ was about to upstage him in the sportswear department, while our maroon clad Member pumped the pedals to raise funds for charity?

The PM was one of the event’s initial founders back in 1998, and since then it has raised more than $3 million for charities including the Flying Doctor, Ronald McDonald House, the Manly Women’s Shelter. This year the chief beneficiary will be Carers Australia.

On the Pulse thinks BJ deserves a very big Yay For the Day, if only for the seat ‘adjustments’ he must have constantly suffered, nevertheless, one thing remains apparent; the red budgie smugglers have definitely ‘fallen fowl’ of the maroon cane toad rambler.

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