Nanjing Night Net

WE are all so tired of this political scandal which is happening in Newcastle.

It is time for some radical thinking. My proposal is let’s find our clever, honest, hardworking and motivated university graduates who have a passion to ‘‘Revitalise Newcastle’’ and ‘‘make a difference’’.

They should be elected as decent members of society on merit of their capabilities and the party should be called ‘‘Bright Young Minds’’.

They would expect to be rewarded with appropriate remuneration for their efforts but would not accept money contained in envelopes.

Respect, trust and renewed faith would be shown to the members of this party by the loyal citizens as they set about their task to ‘‘change the face of Newcastle’’.

Just an idea but in my view it would certainly be an improvement on who we have as our leaders at this point of time.

Lesley Roberts,

Wangi Wangi