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Trio to stand trial over murder

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DEATH: Police pull Wayne Amey’s body from between two rocks at Mt Korong. Picture: JIM ALDERSEYA STRIPPER has been committed to stand trial over the murder of herformer partner, who was found wedged between boulders at Mount Korong incentral Victoria, having been strangled and stabbed to death.

Deputy chief magistrate Felicity Broughton found there was sufficientevidence for a jury to convict Robyn Lindholm and two men of murderingHawthorn gym owner Wayne Amey.

Ms Lindholm, 41, is accused of organising Mr Amey’s murder over aproperty dispute involving a farm they owned at Bittern, south east ofMelbourne.

She allegedly met with Torsten Trabert, 45, and John Ryan, 37, onDecember 10, 2013, at her Preston apartment and told them what to wearand how to cover their faces when confronting Mr Amey.

Police claimed she then handed the two men a swipe card to enter theunderground car park at Mr Amey’s Hawthorn apartment block.

Mr Trabert and Mr Ryan allegedly attacked Mr Amey with a baseball bat in the car park justafter 11.20pm that night before tying him up with rope, placing himin the boot of a car and driving away.

Mr Amey’s body was found wedged between boulders at a peak on thenorth side of Mount Korong on December 18.

The cause of death was multiple injuries including stab wounds,fractured ribs and neck injuries.

Ms Lindholm, Mr Trabert and Mr Ryan have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Amey.A five-day committal hearing at the Melbourne MagistratesCourt this week was told Ms Lindholm had been in a relationship with Mr Ameywhich ended badly. They had been due in court over a property disputeinvolving the Bittern farm the day after Mr Amey had been attacked anddisappeared.

After his arrest, Mr Ryan claimed Ms Lindholm became excited as theylooked for a place to dump the body, and sat on Mr Trabert’s lap.

He said Ms Lindholm later reversed Mr Amey’s red HiLux ute, which theyhad been travelling in, up to the boulders where they eventually leftthe body.

Mr Ryan said he and Mr Trabert pulled Mr Amey’s body from the ute’srear tray and dropped him in a gap between large boulders beforecovering it with sticks and rocks.

Mr Trabert told police that he, Ms Lindholm and Mr Ryan then droveback to Kyneton before parting company.

He and Ms Lindholm later collected a yellow motorcycle and rode to asecluded spot in Kyneton where they had sex before riding back toMelbourne.

When Ms Lindholm was arrested, she denied any involvement in themurder, denied any suggestion she wanted to kill Mr Amey and deniedever travelling to Mount Korong.

Cindy Devine, a girlfriend of Mr Amey’s, told the court Ms Lindholmhad threatened to go to a nursing home to slit the throat of Mr Amey’smother and had also warned him she would burn down his gym and makesure his son was inside.

Ms Broughton ordered Ms Lindholm, Mr Trabert and Mr Ryan appear in theSupreme Court for a directions hearing on August 29.

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‘Tired’ mum dies of undiagnosed diabetes

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“She loved being a mum”: Nicky Rigby with daughter Lily.Like most new mums, Nicky Rigby was exhausted in the months following the birth of her first baby. The 26-year-old put the overwhelming tiredness, as well as her sudden weight loss, down the demands of caring for daughter Lily.But the young mum was actually suffering from Type 1 diabetes and died as a result of not getting treatment for the undiagnosed condition.Her grieving family is now encouraging all new mums to pay close attention to how they are feeling and to seek medical attention if they are unwell.”Please don’t battle on through exhaustion like my brave Nicky tried to do,” Nicky’s devastated fiance Mark Wilson told UK’s Daily Mail.Nicky, from Wirral in north-west England, died after Mark returned home to find her found unconscious on her bed in July 2012. An inquest was later told she had suffered from undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. As a result her oesophagus gradually deteriorated and lead to her death.Mark said the most difficult thing about losing his partner was knowing she would not get to see their daughter grow up.”Nicky was a natural with Lily, cuddling and feeding her. She loved being a mum, despite the sleepless nights leaving her feeling exhausted,” he said.”She didn’t want anyone fussing over her. She just said that all mums get tired like she was.”Nicky did eventually go to the doctor, but she was only prescribed iron tablets. Mark said the tablets didn’t help at all.On Mark’s birthday in July 2012, when Lily was only five months old, Nicky was feeling unwell. She decided to have an early night but encouraged her fiance to go out with friends to celebrate.  “Nicky wasn’t feeling great and insisted I go and enjoy myself. I kissed her goodbye then took Lily round to my mum’s house so Nicky could have a rest,” Mark said.But when Mark returned home later that night and went to check on Nicky he was faced with a horrifying scene.”I decided to switch on the light to see if Nicky was okay, and then saw she was surrounded by black vomit,” he said.He called an ambulance and tried unsuccessfully to revive Nicky. The paramedics arrived soon after, but were unable to revive her. An inquest into Nicky’s death heard the new mum had died from diabetic ketoacidosis, which is caused by consistently high blood glucose levels.It occurs when a severe lack of insulin leads to the body not being able to use glucose for energy. Instead, the body begins to break down other tissue to use as an alternative energy source.The inquest was told Nicky would be alive today if her condition had been diagnosed and treated with insulin injections to control her blood sugar levels. It is not known whether pregnancy played any part in the onset of Nicky’s condition, however Type 1 diabetes is different to gestational diabetes, which is routinely check for during pregnancy.A grieving Mark said he’s determined to make sure his daughter grows up knowing how special her mother was. He has put photos of Nicky around the house and made his daughter a memory box which contains a gold heart necklace he gave to Nicky, as well as her engagement ring.“I want Lily to look at the pictures of her mum and know she was a brilliant, fun person,” he told the Daily Mail.Type 1 diabetes: The symptoms to look out for* Excessive thirst* Frequent urination* Weight loss* Fatigue* Visual disturbances, such as blurred vision* Itching skin, particularly around the genitals* Nausea and vomitingSee your doctor if you’re worried about any symptoms.

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Bus drivers launch anti-privatisation petition

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Brisbane’s most used bus service, the CityGlider.Brisbane’s rail and bus union has called on Lord Mayor Graham Quirk to “stop dancing like a puppet to Campbell Newman” and publicly rebuff the State Government’s transport privatisation agenda.

Cr Quirk revealed two weeks ago Brisbane City Council’s transport arm will be forced to compete against private operators in late 2015 to retain control of the 70 per cent of the city’s bus routes it presently operates.

The State Government contestability process, which Transport Minister Scott Emerson has denied is privatisation by stealth, has been borne partly from the government’s commitment to keep fare rises at just 2.5 per cent per year.

On Friday, the Queensland branch of the rail, tram and bus union joined council’s opposition leader Milton Dick to launch a citywide petition on behalf of Brisbane Transport bus drivers to oppose potential privatisation of the city’s bus network.

The union’s state president Bruce Mackie said the city’s commuters would suffer should operational responsibility for the network fall into private hands.

“The fact is contestability is government speak for privatisation,” he said.

“Contestability, privatisation, goes hand-in-hand with the Newman Government’s agenda.

“The people of Brisbane deserve the best bus service, not the cheapest service, it is those unprofitable areas where we run a service because it is a service.”

Cr Quirk, a long time opponent of privatising the city’s public transport network, said two weeks ago that Brisbane Transport would “aggressively” fight to retain operational responsibility of the network.

But he conceded the ultimate decision was out of City Hall’s hands, with the state government to make the ultimate decision on the matter.

Both Mr Mackie and Cr Dick said on Friday the Lord Mayor needed to publicly oppose the premier’s contestability process for the benefit of the city’s commuters.

“I think it’s time the Lord Mayor of Brisbane stood up to Campbell Newman and said you are not going to privatise the city of Brisbane’s bus services. The fact is, people deserve that public transport,” he said.

“It’s time he started saying, ‘you are not going to destroy the public transport services in my city,’ and he needs to be in the media saying that.”

Cr Dick said the contestability process was the first step in selling off the city’s bus infrastructure, a claim Cr Quirk has repeatedly denied.

“This is the first step to selling off the buses in our city, the Lord Mayor needs to stand up to Campbell Newman, he need to fight for the commuters in our city, he needs to tell Campbell Newman and Scott Emmerson that Brisbane Transport is not for sale.

“As yet, he hasn’t done that.”

The council’s public transport chairman Peter Matic said Cr Dick’s claims of privatisation were nothing more than a scare campaign.

“These false claims are a cheap political stunt with no truth,” Cr Matic said.

“The Lord Mayor has previously said he does not support the privatisation of Brisbane Transport and has made it very clear on several occasions that Council will not be conducting a bus review this year.

“Council will be contesting the tender process once the State Government announces the details of contestability and we will be competing to win,” he said.

The current controversy over potential privatisation was sparked when council’s civic cabinet opted not to renew the long-time head of Brisbane Transport Allan Warren.

Mr Warren said in a memo to his 2700 employees council was seeking a “new dawn” for its transport arm.

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Win double passes to Magic in the Moonlight

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Colin Firth stars as Stanley and Emma Stone stars as Sophie in Sony Pictures Classics’ Magic in the Moonlight. Photo: SuppliedThe Ekka might be finishing up this weekend, but the Brisbane Times is teaming up with Sony to keep the good times rolling by giving away some free movie tickets.

We’re proud to be hosting a special preview screening of Magic in the Moonlight on Tuesday August 26 at Palace CENTRO Cinemas Fortitude Valley and we’ve got 100 double passes to give away for a 6.30pm screening.

Directed and written by Woody Allen, the film is set in the 1920s French Riviera. It doesn’t officially launch until August 28, which means special guests at the preview screening will be two days ahead of the game.

To be in with a chance of winning send your entry with details (name, age, mailing address and contact numbers) to [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校.au with MOONLIGHT in the subject line.

Within the body of the email, answer the following question: The film is set in the 1920s, but what country is it set in?

Please note that entries with the wrong subject line will not be valid.

The first 100 correct entries will be sent confirmation of a double pass to the preview screening. Entries close 5pm, Wednesday August 20.

Magic in the Moonlight is an enchanting romantic comedy starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone.

The film follows Stanley; a cynical and arrogant English illusionist who is invited to unmask a possible swindle involving an alluring young clairvoyant named Sophie.

At first Stanley is confident that he can expose Sophie as a fraud in no time but, as he witnesses her accomplish numerous supernatural feats, he begins to question his whole rational world view – if Sophie’s powers are real, then anything could be possible.

Charming, funny and featuring terrific performances, Magic in the Moonlightdelves into the very heart of our belief in something more.

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